Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finally a Swingset!

Okay, so this first pic is Mayson who was helping me take pics of my bows. She thinks she's a model...kinda scary, I think we're going to have to lock her in her room when she turns 16! (in case you couldn't read it... her shirt says "I Love Me" so appropriate for a 3 yr. old)
Well, we bought Mayson a swingset for her birthday and it was a huge ordeal to put it together! Danny worked on it for like 2 weeks but it's finally done...YEAH! To his credit we had a box with about 800 wood planks and 1000 screws. We also had to deal with rain, daddy being sick, May being sick, Mommy being sick and a birthday party. But it's finished now and Mayson loves it! Thank you daddy and Papa for all of your hard work. And thanks to Mommy for the glasses of cold water :)

May practicing "taking orders" at Wendy's. This is the donut shop, Wendy's, Sonic and many other places where Mommy and Daddy have to come up to the window and order food from her.

She loves this swing and it's so easy for her to get it going really fast all by her self!

Baby Graham's swing...he'll have to grow into it.

This really is such a blessing for me because I can let her play in the backyard and open the window from the living room and see and hear her at all times! Thanks daddy for letting us have one even though it will kill the grass!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Okay, so here are a few samples of my bows...
and my email: lilbowhead@yahoo.com
Let me know if I can make anything for you!!!

Let the Bow Making Begin...

Well, I guess I have completely lost it. I now have the bright idea to start a business making bows. I have been making them for several years now since I had May and just got the courage to try to do it professionally (sort of). I figured since I'm not sleeping these days anyway I might as well do something productive with my time. I have several places that want to buy my bows to keep in their shops which is a good start for now. I think that's all I can commit to at this point. It's a scary thing for me though because I don't like to fail at anything and I guess I have fully commited to doing this now. Wish me luck! I'll post some pics later of the products. Oh yeah, and pray for me because I think I have officially lost my mind! hehehe

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hilarious video of Mayson

So, this is Mayson as Hannah Montannah! She is so stinkin cute. She is in love with Hannah in case you can't tell. :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Big Birthday Bash

So... we had Mayson's 3rd birthday party yesterday at The Little Gym and it was so much fun!!! Thanks to all of our friends and family who joined us, you really made May's birthday special. We decided not to open presents at the gym to give the kids more time to play so we opened them at home. Here are a few of my favorite pics...

This is "Fancy Nancy" all dressed up. For those of you with girls, you know who she is or you will soon :) Thanks Nana Sherry

This was one of our favorites, a new Tinkerbell nightgown, thanks Granny

Mayson is so cute... she was getting ready to eat her birthday cake and she wanted to hold her brother so all of her friends could see what a great big sister she is! I love her so much, she is an awesome big sister!

Eating cake with her BFF Rylee

Daddy joining in on the fun, what a good sport!

Me and my big girl! I can't believe she is 3, time goes by so fast.

Mayson playing with Dr. Tam, Sophie, and Ruby

Shannon and Rylee

Mayson and Rye... BFF4E

Mayson doing a forward roll with the big donut, she loves it!

She got a special ride on the parachute because she was the birthday girl. She has been talking about this all day today.

Her Princess birthday cake

May in the car, she had a blast!!!

The end!!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pics of my Baby Boy!

Okay so I have to blog about my precious little man. He is so sweet and snuggly! He is definately a mommas boy already... sorry daddy! We love him so much and try to cherish every minute with him, especially since he will be our last :( Big sister May is so good with him. She's a little mother hen. She repeats everything I say to him when I'm talking sweet to him, it's cute.

He likes his lovie already!

Graham and big sis hanging out

Daddy must have dressed him today

My handsom man! (don't tell daddy)

Mother's Day

Okay so instead of cleaning my house and doing the million other things on my "to-do" list, I'm sitting in my office trying to format my blog! So you better enjoy it cause my house is still a mess! In other news... Mother's Day was good, we watched our new niece and 2 nephews get dedicated at church. For those of you who don't know, my sister-in-law adopted 3 children this month. They had been fostering them for the past 6 months and now they are legally theirs! Yeah! We are so excited for them. As for mothers day, the one thing I really wanted I didn't get... A NAP! Both of my children refused to take a nap that day and Graham had been a stinker all night the night before :( But, I guess I can't complain. The best Mother's Day gift is my beautiful children who I love so much :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

New to this....

Okay, so I'm new to this and don't really know what I'm doing... (thanks Katie!) So, we have a busy weekend coming up. A birthday/mother's day celebration with the fam and a very special day on Sunday. My sister-in-law adopted 3 beautiful children officially as of Friday, May 1, 2009 and they will have their dedication at church this Sunday. We are so excited for them and so blessed to have this addition to our family.