Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finally a Swingset!

Okay, so this first pic is Mayson who was helping me take pics of my bows. She thinks she's a model...kinda scary, I think we're going to have to lock her in her room when she turns 16! (in case you couldn't read it... her shirt says "I Love Me" so appropriate for a 3 yr. old)
Well, we bought Mayson a swingset for her birthday and it was a huge ordeal to put it together! Danny worked on it for like 2 weeks but it's finally done...YEAH! To his credit we had a box with about 800 wood planks and 1000 screws. We also had to deal with rain, daddy being sick, May being sick, Mommy being sick and a birthday party. But it's finished now and Mayson loves it! Thank you daddy and Papa for all of your hard work. And thanks to Mommy for the glasses of cold water :)

May practicing "taking orders" at Wendy's. This is the donut shop, Wendy's, Sonic and many other places where Mommy and Daddy have to come up to the window and order food from her.

She loves this swing and it's so easy for her to get it going really fast all by her self!

Baby Graham's swing...he'll have to grow into it.

This really is such a blessing for me because I can let her play in the backyard and open the window from the living room and see and hear her at all times! Thanks daddy for letting us have one even though it will kill the grass!

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The May Fam said...

Looks awesome!! Can't wait to let Brooks play on it!!