Monday, December 21, 2009

Horrible Blogger

Okay, so I have been a horrible blogger lately!!! But I'd rather take the time to enjoy special moments with the kiddos and if I don't have time to blog about them then that's okay. This is one of my absolute favorite pictures of me and my little monkey. He is getting so big these days. Here is an update: He is army crawling everywhere. He still won't pick his belly up off the ground but whatever, I guess that's not his style. He loves to crawl across the living room to get anything that Mayson is playing with which thoroughly ticks her off :) He also shakes his head and growls at us! Daddy taught him this and they both think it's hilarious. He loves taking baths, hates having his diaper changed, has discovered Puffs (one of his sisters favorites) and loves to throw and hit anything. Typical boy! He is so much fun and is such a blessing. He says mama, dada, ba (bottle), he waves bye-bye and claps his hands.
This was a special day for Mayson. We took her to see The Nutcracker at Will Rogers that her ballet company put on. She loved it. I think she liked getting dressed up and putting on her special jewelry more than the actual ballet but whatever. It was a special time for her to get to spend one on one with mommy and daddy.

Her showing off her jewelry!

These were some family pics we did for Christmas. Thank you Traci for taking these for us. This was a funny one of the fam. Love them!!!!!

And this was the kids picture with Santa. Mayson was so excited this year and was such a big girl. She got right up on Santas lap and told him what she wanted for Christmas, an "earring factory?!?!" She doesn't even have her ears pierced. Graham slept through the whole thing. Sweet boy, I guess it's better than him crying.

All in all it's been a great Christmas season! Very busy but I guess that's how it goes with 2 young kids. Happy Holidays to everyone. Hope you have a blessed 2010!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Festival

So, we have had a busy few weeks and I have not had any time to catch up on my blogging. I still have tons of pictures I need to post but here is what we have been up to... Graham had his 6 month doctors appt. and checked out just fine. He is such an amazing, sweet, happy baby boy! He was 16 lbs. 15 oz. so he's growing just fine :) Lately his favorite things to do are: sit up by himself, constantly take his socks off and chew on them til they are wet and soggy (gross) clap his hands with his sister, roll all over the place in his crib with all 5 of his lovies, play with the remote control constantly (such a boy) and just about anything that involves Mayson. He is eating baby food 3 times a day now, he loves fruits but is not so big on veggies. He now sleeps a good 12 hours at night (awesome!) We just wish we could get Mayson to sleep that long and we'd be in heaven. Saturday we went to the Pumpkin Express in Argyle and had Graham's 6 month pictures taken. They turned out soo good, thanks Brittney!!! You can check them out at go under online viewing and Graham.
We are super excited about Halloween this year. Mayson will be a witch and Graham is a skeleton (or a giraffe if it's really cold outside). That's all for now, will post pics later.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Grandparents Day!!!

Some of you may already know but in case you don't... tomorrow is Grandparents Day!!! YAY! I personally think this is the coolest holiday ever. I hope that someday I will be celebrating it with my grandkids and maybe great grandkids. So... here is a tribute to our favorite grandparents...Granny and Pops, Nana and Papa Whiskers, and Nana and Papa Clinkscale. We love you and we hope this makes you laugh :)

Mayson and Graham chillin in Mommy and Daddy's Bed

My little love bug

What a diva (wearing mommy's shoes ;)

I love this laugh!

Now on to the videos!!!!

This first video is Graham learning how to say "I love you." It's a stretch I know but hey, he's trying. I really think he just had bad gas but whatever.

Okay, for those of you who do not know, Mayson is a tad bit obsessed with music and anything Hannah Montana. She can hear just about any song on the radio and tell you who is singing it. From The Blackeyed Peas, to Maroon 5, Britney Spears or Dwight Yokam (daddy's influence). It is hysterical and we use her at party's as our little show monkey. We really could join the circus with her but somehow I think we would be better fit for the zoo. Anyway, here is an update 1 year later on her Hannah Montana rendition. (You can see the first one on an older post).

Oh yeah, that's Daddy playing backup on the Tambourine. Borderline Amazing!!

And last but not least... Danny and I want to say a few special things about our Grandparents. My Nana and Papa Taylor are still in Burleson and doing well. We love them dearly and think about them every day. My Nana and Papa Clinkscale are in heaven. My nana lived to be 96 years old and went to heaven to be with my Papa this year. We love you both.
Danny's Grandad and Grandma are also still living in Rendon. G.W. was named after his Grandad, Gordon Winston. Grandma is battling Alzheimer's but loves to see May and Graham. She rarely talks anymore but she will always speak when she sees them. This makes us all so happy. Danny's Mawmaw is in Grand Prairie and as feisty as ever. She can keep up with the great grandkids better than we can sometimes. She spoils them rotten and we love going to her house to visit. Danny's Papa died several years ago. He was retired from the Air Force. He served for 25 years and was married to MawMaw for 50 years! Wow!!! I hope Danny and I can be this lucky.
So... to all of our grandparents and great grandparents, we love you all!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Long Time...

So I know it has been a long time since I have updated but with summer coming to an end and our busy schedules I just haven't had time. I have however, captured a lot of our fun on camera so this is your warning that you are about to experience picture overload!!!!
Tonight was such a beautiful night and Mayson and I played in the backyard for a long time, she loves riding in her Dora Jeep and playing on her swing set. She is getting to be such a big girl these days, it is so bitter sweet for me. Tonight when I put her to bed she told me.. "mommy when my brother gets bigger I'm going to marry him." Maybe if we lived in Arkansas but it was still so sweet. She loves being a big sister! Her favorite things to do right now are read books, play outside, play "mommy" with her baby dolls and drink Sprite. I know, the Sprite thing is kinda random but she thinks it is so cool that she gets to drink "coke" like mommy and daddy.

"I'm outta here!"

Changing the radio station in the Jeep

Such a ham

Okay, if there is such a thing as a girly tomboy, we have one! She is fixing her car with no shirt on and a pearl necklace. So funny...

Now we get to my little birthday boy!!! Happy Birthday sweet Graham. He is 5 months old today. I cannot believe how fast time has gone with him. Right now his favorite things to do are: play with his feet, roll over to his tummy constantly, jump in his jumperoo, take a bath (he gets so excited when he hears the water running ;), look in the mirror at the fat bald guy staring back at him, play with his sister, and snuggle with mommy and daddy. He has started eating baby food and likes the veggies but hates fruits. Mayson was the same way in the beginning. He is such a laid back baby and has a great personality. He just goes with the flow. He is definitely a ladies man. He is usually the first baby at school so his teacher takes him around to flirt with all of the women there. He eats it up! We are working on sitting up right now. He is like a little bobble head, he just falls to the side ;)

Chillin in Daddy's Chair

Sis loves me!

Mayson started Ballet a couple of weeks ago and loves it! This is right up her alley as far as wearing pretty shoes and dancing around. I think they might be a little too strict for her in the long run, she's a pretty free spirit with a mind of her own, but for now she is having fun.

My little ballerina
I'm so proud of my little girl.

So... last weekend we had our 10 yr. Martin High School reunion. GO WARRIORS! It was lots of fun for me anyway, I'm not sure how much fun Danny had. He was a good sport though and did the husband thing for the night. I can't believe it has already been 10 yrs!
Shannon with her God children

The Gang (Danny, Me, Shannon and B)

It is crazy to think that me and Shannon have been friends since 2nd grade! That's almost 20 years!!!! She is awesome and I hope we have pics together for the next 20 years. Of course we will only get better looking with age

Two weekends ago we met all the fam at Kinkaids for Papa Whiskers (Mayson named him this because of his beard) birthday. This has become a tradition for Papa's birthday and we always have so much fun when we all get together. Aunt Kellie didn't get to come :( but Paisley celebrated for her. It was so great to get all of the cousins together. Our family has more than duplicated in the last year.

Kaylei, Mayson, and Brett

Papa Whiskers and Graham
Happy Birthday Papa!!!!

Paisley and Graham checkin each other out

Nana Whiskers, Mayson and Paisley

Last month Shannon and I decided to take the girls to Hawaiian Falls. It was a great day for Mayson because we took G.W. to Granny's house so she had mommy and daddy all to herself. It was much needed Mayson time. We had a blast! Rylee and May play so well together and they were both exhausted by the time we got home.

Best Friends!!! (Future generations of BFF hopefully for 20 yrs)

2 spoons always work better than 1!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Graham!

Well, I hardly have enough time these days to see my family let alone blog but here it goes...
Our lives have been pretty hectic lately. Mayson is having a blast in school right now. They do a summer program with activities planned everyday. Her favorite is Splash day of course, but snowcones are a close second. She got her first pet this weekend too. It's a red Beta fish named "Charlie" She is obsessed with him. She checks on him all day long. Mommy and Daddy are a little worried about Charlie, he hasn't eaten anything and at times he seems to be just "floating" along... not sure how many "Charlie's" there will be when it's all said and done. Petsmart gaurantees the fish for 14 days and I think it might come in handy.

Graham is doing awsome lately! He is 4 months old today :( Time has gone by so fast lately, I hate that my baby boy is growing up... He started cereal this week and has mixed emotions about it. Some days he does really well and others not so much. He now rolls over both ways and literally turns in circles. I'm not quite sure how he does this but when I put him on his playmat and do some chores I come back and he is totally facing the other way. Hoodenie! (sp?) He is also talking so much! I have no idea where my kids get their jabber mouths from ;) ;)
We go to the doctor on Friday for both kiddos, Mayson's 3 yr. checkup and G.W.'s 4 month. That should be interesting since they both get shots. Wish us luck! At least Danny is off and gets to go with me to help. And on that note... I have the greatest husband in the world!!!! He has been such a trooper since I've been back at work. Especially putting up with our long summer hours right now. He is my best friend and I could never imagine going through our crazy life without him. I love you Honey!
Okay, enough sappy talk, let's get on with the latest pictures!
This is Graham visiting his great Grandad (the original G.W.) and Grandma (Danny's Grandparents). Granny took this picture so of course the grandparents got cut out and we just focused on the rotten grandbaby!

After bathtime. Mayson loves to help put lotion on her baby brother.

Eating cereal for the first time :) His bib says "Chicks Dig Me" How could you not with that face :)

This is my little monkey zoned out watching T.V. A bad habbit that we need to break but sometimes mommy and daddy just need another hour of sleep.

Mayson and Graham, my two precious angels. I am thankful every day that God gave us such wonderful gifts!

And to end this blog with a video of my little munchkin talking to me and telling me all about his day after bathtime. (Ignore the annoying voice talking to him) You know you all do it too!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby shower and Play Dates

Wednesday was my birthday and my day off this week so we decided to have a play date! Megan was in town and Emily and May play so good together so we wanted to get in a play date while they were here. Katie and Brooks came over also so it was tons of fun. Thanks for making my birthday special! :) Later that night Mayson had a "birthday party" for mommy. She brought me into her room because she was throwing me a birthday party...when I went in she had all of her my little ponies set up and her baby dolls and they "all" sang Happy Birthday to me. Then she made me blow out the candles on my pretend birthday cake. Next we opened up presents which were her backpacks filled with her toys. It was so cute, she is such a precious girl! We love her so much!!!!
This is Brooks playing with the girls in the kitchen. He is so cute, he was the only boy besides Graham

Graham, Brooks, Lily and Meg

Once again, Brooks having to play with the girly toys
Don't tell Frankie ;)

We had Katie's Baby shower for Briggs last Saturday and it was so much fun.
We can't wait to meet Baby Briggs!

Jessica, Kim, Katie, Me and Erika

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Catching Up

So... I have been a horrible blogger lately mostly due to my crazy work schedule right now. We are sssooo busy fixing hearts and making kids better. I truly love my job but right now I'm ready for another vacation :)
This is me and some of my Heart Team girls out for a much needed night on the town!
(Lourdes, Julie and Me)

And here are a few pics from our last playdate with Katie and Brooks. They had a lot of fun playing together. Neither one of them really wanted to play in the sprinkler or on the swingset but they had fun playing with the jeep. Brooks did not want May driving the jeep and May kept trying to boss Brooks around and make him shut the doors. It was hilarious!!
Katie with Baby Briggs in her belly :) Funny picture because it almost looks like her water broke!

This was Graham's first day of school! He is in such a good mood in the mornings. He just laughs and plays after I feed him and get Mayson up and ready. Mayson thinks it's awesome that he goes to "her" school now. The first day I took him Mayson said "Mommy don't cry, we'll be fine, school is fun!" which made me laugh and cry all at the same time. She is such a mommy.

A couple of weekends ago Danny and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary but 10 years we've been together... WOW! How time flies. I am so lucky to be married to my best friend. I could not imagine my life without him. Granny came up and watched the kids so we could have a much needed night out. We had a blast! Thanks Granny.
Me and my handsome man!

Okay, so I'm a horrible mom who didn't take any pictures on the 4th. We went to aunt Shannie's for hamburgers and swimming and fireworks. We had a great time. Mayson and Graham both swam in the pool. Mayson is getting better about the water but she still doesn't like to go under. She likes being in a floaty and laying her head back and getting her hair wet "like a mermaid" she tells us. Graham rode in his floaty and kicked his legs the whole time. He loved it. Sunday we went to see Danny's Mawmaw which is the kids great grandma. She is so much fun. She had tons of things to keep Mayson entertained and kept up with May the whole time! Such a cool Great Grandma. Before we left cousin Paisley stopped by and we got a pic of her and Mayson. Graham was sleeping so he didn't get in on the fun.

Well, I think you are all officially caught up on what's been going on around here.
Till next time...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

So sad....

Well, I guess it's baby has grown up! I was waiting for this day to come and I could tell it was going to happen soon. On Monday night as I was putting May to bed, she took her "lovie", threw it on the floor and said "Mommy I don't need this anymore!" I wanted to cry right then and there but didn't. I guess this means she is officially growing up. She has had her lovie since she was born and we always joked that she would go to prom and get married with it. Those of you who know us also know that the lovie never left the house. We only bought one when she was born (we are so much smarter the second time around) and so we did not want to risk losing it somewhere so it always stayed at the house. I even called the 1-800 number for Carters and tried to order another one and they had stopped making them! So, for now the lovie is living in the top of our closet just in case the day comes when she decides she wants it again. Our baby is officially a BIG GIRL ;)

On another note... I had my first week back at work this week and wow was it hard. I cried the whole way to work Monday morning :( I know that my babies are in good hands at Aunt Shannie's school but I missed them so much. It was especially hard because my schedule had me working 3 12 hour days in a row. So, by the time I got home Danny had fed both of them and was working on baths. He did so good this week being Mr. Mom, thanks honey! But now I am off until Monday and will be spending some much needed R&R time with my babies.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Graham Rolls Over!

Well, for those of you who don't know, this is my last week at home. I go back to work next week and I'm going to miss these babies so much! I had such a good time staying at home the last 3 months with my kiddos and I'm sad that it is about to end. But... I do feel that I'm a more patient and loving mother when I work. It makes me realize how much I cherish the time with my family when I'm home. Here are some of my favorite new pics!

Mayson and Graham before bedtime

My little monkey LOVES to sleep with his lovie over his face ;)

Their first bath together

Being silly!

Graham in his jumperoo. He loves it! His feet don't even touch the ground yet.

Well it's official, my little man rolled over today! He's only 11 weeks old and he's growing up so fast :( I wanted him to take everything slow since I know he will be my last but he has other plans. You can hear May growling and laughing in the background. She thought it was hilarious that he rolled over!