Thursday, June 4, 2009

Zoo Trip

Today we went to the zoo with some of our good friends. Melissa, Jack and Baby Sawyer. We had a blast, the weather was awesome and the kids had so much fun. This is Graham and Sawyer :) Funny pic because Sawyer is almost 4 months and Graham is only 2 months and they are about the same size! So cute. Jack and Mayson are also a couple of months apart. We are definately both in the same boat! Nothing like having to breastfeed at the zoo! hahaha

Mommy and Graham riding the choo-choo train. This was by far his favorite part of the zoo because he got to get out of the stroller.

Mayson and her boyfriend Jack ;)

Mayson told me that this was her favorite part of the zoo, talking on the phone! (only my child...)

Playing in the crocodile place

Jack got right on the croc for a pic but Mayson was scared! She thought it was real

Mayson and Graham

What a great big brother and big sister!

Two cute babies hanging out at the zoo!

Mayson and Jack

Melissa took May and Jack in to feed the birds while I stayed with the babies.

Both babies yawning after a long day

Thanks Melissa for a great trip to the zoo!

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